Life is not a straight line.


It wasn’t nature that created straight lines: it was the limitations of technology.

Boleform allows a return to a natural state: live edge lines as nature intended.

Boleform creates the world’s first live-edge veneer bonded surfaces with naturally-curved lengths that follow a tree’s natural growth.

Boleform takes its name from bole, the trunk of a tree.

Boleform technology combines wood scanning systems, tailor-made CAD/CAM systems, and innovative optimization algorithms in placement software developed by a Finnish engineering automation company working in cooperation with the Institute of Cybernetics at Tallinn University of Technology.

Our process manages and tracks each board from the raw-lumber stage through final installation. Every board is cut using the finest Homag woodworking machinery.

Boleform curved-length surfaces meet the true definition of unique: each board is as individual as the tree it came from. No two surfaces are alike.

Boleform offers furniture manufacturers live edge veneer and veneer-bonded prefabricated elements for mass production, as well as custom projects.

All Boleform surfaces are constructed from two or more live edge boards. The outside edge may be naturally curved or traditionally straight.

Moving elements (e.g. the inner edge where two cabinet doors meet) may also be constructed with live edges.

Boleform live-edge patterns may run both horizontally and vertically, creating a varying aesthetic in the same object.

A single live-edge surface is the most common Boleform solution. It makes an ideal tabletop or may accent a cabinet door, or work to catch the eye in other ways.

Boleform’s beauty is in full bloom when the live edge lines continue from door to door in an office cabinet, kitchen cupboard, or bedroom armoire. This maximum live edge use is possible thanks to our unique technology and manufacturing process.

When a pure natural aesthetic is desired, Boleform surfaces can be constructed of solid wood. Remember that wood reacts to its surroundings, and solid wood may not be the solution for rooms with unstable humidity.

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3.2mm veneer is the Boleform production standard and is available to furniture manufacturers or third party veneer bonded panel makers.

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Boleform live edge veneer bonded boards bring a unique natural quality to any interior or piece of furniture. 3.2mm Boleform veneer can be glued to a variety of thicknesses of MDF, OSB, or lightweight boards.

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Boleform produces live edge tabletops and doors for furniture manufacturers, as well as customized products for architectural interiors.

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Boleform door veneers create bold new opportunities for door makers. Every door will have a unique live edge pattern enabling extraordinary designs for hotels, offices, and administrative- or cultural buildings.

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Bolefloor is Boleform’s live edge flooring line — and our first live edge product line.

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Bevels stress Boleform’s natural curved lines and are an essential feature of live edge surfaces. Deeper bevels give an even more natural, rustic look. Surfaces without bevels require light finishing to make the lines visible, creating a more contemporary mood.

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Boleform products are available in walnut and oak.

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